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In this course I will be giving you an insight on how to keep a sane mind in the audio industry!

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Let me give you a brief insight of what you will learn here

Learn how to keep your creativity at maximum

Creativity is our fuel. If we are not creative we can't write music and quickly run out of ideas resulting into feeling frustrated and being able to write at all.

Learn how to maintain your creativity!

Learn how to worry less

Every day we spend so much time with worrying about things we should have done different in the past or which could happen in the future, that we forgot how to live and enjoy what we do!

Learn how to worry less and become more mindful with some easy methods!

Learn how to reduce stress

77% of people regularly experience physical symptoms caused by stress!*

In this course you will not only learn how to reduce your stress but also how to convert negative stress into positive challenges!

*according to the American Psychological Association

... and that's it?

Of course not! Let's take a look on what else we will be talking about:

Impostor Syndrome

We all probably experienced it - the doubts of our accomplishments and the persistent internalized fear of being exposed as a fraud - disregarding all the success, the happy customers and everything we have achieved so far.

Dealing with customers and clients

To be honest, there are so many business strategies available out there on how to negotiate, close a deal and be aware of contract details, but what about the emotional issues we experienced when suddenly running into a completely unnecessary argument with your client while, for example, reviewing your track? What about the feeling of not getting in sync with your new audio director?

Writer's block

Many of us probably know how it feels when you sit in front of an empty arrangement screen or piece of sheet paper and you simply don't know where to start ... and then we suddenly realize that this condition doesn't think about leaving us again!

Existential fear

Another not that welcomed buddy who probably kept us awake when we're supposed to recharge batteries by having a well deserved portion of sleep.
"Will I be able to pitch that gig?" ... "My project is done in around a month ... and then?" ... "So much taxes and I just got two weeks left to pay!" ... "Why do I suddenly feel like the earth is the worst place to be?"

Last but not least you will ...

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Let me introduce myself

Hey there,

my name is Alex Pfeffer and I was born in Frankfurt, Germany in 1975.

After graduating from the Los Angeles College of Music in 1998, I started to work as a guitar instructor and became a self employed composer and sound designer in 2003.

I worked for many video games (Wolfenstein, Crysis 2, Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe, Risen 3, Battleforge etc.), wrote lots of movie trailer and production music tracks (Pacific Rim, Harry Potter, Sherlock Holmes etc.) and created audio content and official sound library demos for many world class sample library developers such as East West Quantum Leap, 8Dio, Cinesamples, Audio Imperia etc.!

Furthermore I worked as an arranger for acts such as Sarah Brightman and recently finished my job as an audio editor and additional composer on the 60 million EUR show “EQUILA” which is currently being performed in Munich, Germany.

So why all this?

When I was three years old, I suffered from a cholesteatoma, resulting in being def on my right ear for around ten years. After another surgery at the age of thirteen, I got around 30% of my hearing back, but no one would have thought that I would become a professional composer and sound designer fifteen years later.

During my following fifteen years of experience I was not just able to work in almost every niche of the audio industry but also got hold of all the different stressful situations and difficulties.

In July 2007, my beautiful daughter Lela was born, but due to complicated circumstances she had to stay the first two months of her life on intensive care. During that time she had two exhausting surgeries and spent around three weeks in artificial coma.

Once she woke up it was obvious that the following years wouldn't be easy.

Giving up was never an option, so I only had one choice: To keep going!

With just an average of three to five hours of interrupted sleep ... for the following five years ... I was literally forced to function and probably experienced every possible nuance of being exhausted and strung out. Sometimes I wasn't even able to work at all ... and let's definitely not talk about all the financial hurdles.

As my daughter grew older I was simply struck by her peaceful and happy attitude! Even though she alone went through more hardcore situations than entire families, she seemed to have never lost the joy of life.

In 2019, this little happy girl will turn 12 and, to me, was, is and probably ever will be my greatest inspiration and most important teacher.

During all that time I realized that I had to change something, so I started learning, educating myself, researching, experimenting and developing and testing all kinds of methods to become probably one of the most happy people on this planet!

Today I can say, that I definitely don't want to miss any single moment of my beautiful life!

What our students are saying

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"I've known Alex's work for many years: his music, compositions and incredible soundtracks. Even so, I was very impressed with the LifeBuff course. The content is very well done, interesting and extremely positive. In this current world, where there is so much stress, anxiety, problems related to work or relationships, social pressures, etc., it was something very important for my day to day life. Small daily breaks of strength, positivity and optimism. LifeBuff is definitely for me one of the best investments you can make in your career!"

Andre Martins

Guitar player, composer, musician, writer, musical researcher

"Having gone through this course, one of the first things that I could turn into actionable day to day routine is to "Boost yourself." Every day I've taken this to heart for a months and reprogrammed my daily routine I have so much more self confidence. Simple things in life always get forgotten but coming from the rock bottom to where I am now in such a short period of time, is such an amazing achievement for me"

Dom L.

JDL Photography

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